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Who We Are.

A business venture between which began way back in 2005 when the dynamic duo first launched their light and fluffy cheeseballs, in their hometown of Lagos, Nigeria.

It was thanks to the success of these cheesy snacks that the company then went onto design and craft new products for the range. Spending hours obsessing over new and exciting flavours, Adadyconfectiobery soon saw the launch of the brand’s ever-popular potato chips and their tangy shrimp crackers.

Since then our brand has gone from strength to strength and we have been delighted to introduce to the range a selection of cereals, biscuits, cornflakes, sweets and most recently our delightfully sweet popcorn, which is fast becoming our ultimate snack.

Our company may have grown since our humble beginnings, with a customer base that now stretches across Nigeria but one thing that has never changed is our team’s passion for producing the tastiest snacks around. When it comes to snacking, we take things very seriously. All our snacks are made to the highest quality for maximum flavour for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

Our Leadership Team.

Our innovative and diverse product range here at Adadyconfectionery, loved by our Nigeria customers is something that is reflected in our growing team. Our talented leadership team is built up of outstanding individuals, all of whom are creative, motivated and committed. We work together, to the highest level and the best of our ability, all to achieve success for our brand of delicious snacks.

We are passionate about our snacks, something that is echoed across all our teams here at Adadyconfectionery. We value the importance of teamwork and collaborating, striving towards a common goal.


Introducing our new Popkin's Pop boxes!

With different  delicious flavours to choose from,.

We're back.


This chocolate chip cookie recipe makes delicious cookies

 with crisp edges and chewy middles.


Who doesn’t like snacks? They’re delicious and help balance the number of nutrients required for your  diet. If you think that your little one doesn’t eat enough at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a healthy snack can serve as nutritional support.

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